Testimonials and References

The best way to assess the quality of your translated document is to get comments from representatives of your products or services in Italy. Your Italian reps will see at a glance if a translator has a good technical background and writes with the style needed for local clients. Please take a look at the following testimonials. Would you like your translated documents to have the same effect? If you need direct references, just ask me for the contact information of past and current clients. You will get straight answers about my accuracy and reliability.


Client Testimonials

“… your strong technical background is invaluable. Even with a technical background, technology is constantly changing and you are a translator who insists on understanding before translating. (Unfortunately not all translators are so conscientious.)”
…As one of our clients who recently reviewed a translation that you completed said, “We learned from our Italian sales company that your Italian translator does his job very well.”
~Cathy Hubbard, General Manager, SH3 Inc.

“My clients in Italy have often commented on Roberto’s excellent understanding of technical terminology and the high quality of his translations.”
~Franks Semmens, President, Translation Services International

“We have had many favorable comments from clients and advisors as to the quality of Roberto’s work.”
~Kevin M. Lenzen, Technical Publications Account Manager, JLS Language Corporation

“Dear Roberto,
I just had a phone conversation with the Project Manager at Rollerblade in Italy… The Rollerblade Project Manager commended Prisma International for the high-quality translation of the Rollerblade Handbook we were able to produce. He said (and I quote) ‘he was impressed by it, as Rollerblade Italy regularly employs Translation Agencies in Italy and Europe in general, but none of them has ever been able to produce the quality Prisma did, linguistically as well as technically.’
Since you were the translator for this project, I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your quality work and your professional services.”
~Letizia Fiaschi Schneider, Project Manager

“Our client sent the files to their reps in Italy for review and they were very pleased with your translation.”
~Karen G. Landis, Director of Operations, Languages Unlimited Inc.

“Mr. Crivello is an astute technical translator. His ability to dissect the source text, in order to visualize the product, is amazing. He is accurate, on-time, and our choice for technical Italian translations.”
~Bonnie Hawes, Production Coordinator, Accurapid Translation Services, Inc.

“Dear Roberto,
We received copies of the catalog you translated… The client was very happy with the results and used the catalog at a big international electronics show.”
~John Jacobs, Publishing Technologies Inc.

“Dear Roberto, my client said that he was informed from his contacts in Italy, that your Italian translations are the best they have seen.”
~Rogelio Cipriano, President, Atlantic International Translators

“Hi Roberto,
I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the excellent Italian
translation work you have done for our company. The last project we did was extremely difficult due to the very technical nature of the text. We were very impressed with how comfortable you were with the text. You showed an excellent ability to “cut” through the “engineer speak” of the manual.
The client’s European office gave your translation an excellent rating.”
~Peter Argondizzo, President, Argo Translation, Inc.

“Dear Roberto,
We are looking for a translator with a solid background in electronic engineering. The job involves translating technical articles for our customer Texas Instruments. These articles deal with various products and applications in the field of semiconductors and can be quite demanding as to the technical expertise they require. […] Your translated files were reviewed by TI people. […] We received quite a positive feedback on your translations of the articles.”
~Klaus Benz, Project Manager, Capella & McGrath GmbH

Don’t take chances for your next translation project. My technical translation services allow you to tap the full range of capabilities that will assure you of the best possible results: native-fluency, solid technical background in both English and Italian, utmost attention to accuracy and consistency of terminology, and solid writing skills.

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