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This is the presentation I gave at the ATA 53rd Annual Conference – San Diego, October 27th 2012. You can download it as PDF:

The Technical Translator’s Dictionary (in Italian):
This is a work in progress. It is a collection of difficult words that appear often in technical documents. However, these words do not have an instant translation, are usually translated incorrectly or upon further examination give insight into linguistic/translation issues.
For any feedback or request for further information on this topic please write me, in English or Italian, at

Training modules on technical translation into Italian:
I am the author of two training modules on technical translation into Italian, written for ICoN (Italian Culture on the Net) Group. In  partnership with three Italian universities, ICoN offers a Master in Translation modeled after the European Master’s in Translation. Among university professors specialized in translation and world-class professional translators, IcoN decided that I was the person most suited to write about the various aspects of technical translation into Italian.

Articles on translations:
A series of articles I have written on terminology and style issues in technical translations, published in the ATA Chronicle, the magazine of the American Translators Associations (ATA).

Column about translation:
For two years Roberto has written (in Italian) a column on translation for the web site of SIS (Servizio d’italiano scritto), a nonprofit association for the advancement of business writing in Italian established by the University of Venice.

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ILD Newsletter
Tradurre is the newsletter of the Italian Language Division (ILD) of the ATA. From 2000 through 2006 I was its editor. In addition to editing each issue, I contributed the following articles:

For information on back issues or joining the ILD, go to my ILD page.

Technical articles:
I contributed to an Italian trade magazine with the following technical article.


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