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Welcome to my web site! I help businesses communicate better with their Italian clients and users through my advanced expertise in high-tech, industrial, and technical marketing translation into Italian.


I was born and raised in Italy. My background is in engineering: in Italy I earned a Laurea (Master’s Degree) in Electronic Engineering and certification as a Professional Engineer. Then I earned a Degree of Master of Engineering and a Degree of Electrical Engineer from the University of Utah. I worked as R&D engineer in Italy and the US.


More than twenty years ago I entered the field of technical translations. Today I combine the engineering background, experience, and writing skills needed to translate your material with the correct technical terminology as well as with clarity and concision.





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An effective bridge between your written material and your target audience

Here’s who uses my services:


√ Businesses working in a wide range of technical fields, including automotive, engines, gear drives, heavy machinery/vehicles, hydraulic systems, machine/power tools, motors, networking, electronic/optical instruments, packaging, pumps, test equipment, turbines, and uninterruptible power supplies.


Do you need to translate into Italian your:


• product guides (installation/operation manuals) to meet the EU guidelines?


• catalogs, video scripts, white papers to present your products/technologies effectively to your customers?


• pages of your web site to present your company effectively to your clients?


• ads, brochures, press releases, other type of text written to persuade, sell or impress?


√ I have been translating such type of documents for 20+ years, working with several direct clients (corporations/organizations) and dozens of translation agencies, big and small. After translating a few million words on a host of technical subjects, I know how to tackle practically every technical or technical marketing translation issue. After I traslate your material, there will be no gap between what you have written and what your Italian target audience reads.




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How it gets done

The terminological accuracy of my translations is grounded in my years of engineering study and work in both Italy and the United States. I quickly grasp new concepts and technologies. I find, read and understand related documents written in Italian by specialists. Possessing a sound understanding of the concepts, I choose the correct technical terminology, regardless of the complexity of your documents.


I also have a keen interest in technical marketing and through years of translations, I have honed my writing skills learning how to apply principles and techniques of good writing to produce clear and persuasive translations. Ads, press releases, brochures: translating this and other marketing material with technical content requires the ability to seamlessly blend error free terminology with a clear and concise writing style. Otherwise your message will lack the quality, effectiveness and reliability needed to reach the sophisticated Italian market. With a translator who offers subject-matter expertise backed by effective writing, you get the best of both worlds.


Don’t take chances for your next translation or transcreation project. Tap the full range of capabilities that will assure you of the best possible results: native-fluency, solid technical background in both English and Italian, utmost attention to accuracy and consistency of terminology, and solid writing skills.


If you need an experienced and expert professional to get your message across with translations that work, contact me:


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